The owner of these chandeliers was beyond pleased.
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I have been cleaning crystal chandeliers and other styles for more then 18 years, in that time I have cleaned well over 500 chandeliers in Oxnard and across Ventura County Ca.  Each and every piece is hand cleaned, we use no "miracle" sprays and if someone tells you they have one you are being lied to.  Drip clean products DO NOT work, you have to do each crystal by hand.

    Our other Services

    1.  Window cleaning.

    2.  Pressure washing.

    3.  Solar panel cleaning.

    4.  Hard water removal. 

We have the right equipment to go as high as 18 feet off the floor, we cover the floor, and sent up our own cleaning table where each crystal is cleaned and dried.  I remove the pieces in SMALL sections, and put them back before going to the next section.  That way everything is back in it's original place.  Only myself and my daughter Ariel clean the chandeliers, we work as a team


Worst chandeliers ever.  Electrician dragged them to the outside balcony where they sat for 9 months.  Two days to restore fully, and many replacement crystals.


Just two of the 10 Waterford chandeliers we cleaned. $55,000 each, you don't want rookies cleaning these chandeliers.


Each piece was taken off seperatly, cleaned and put back.  There were five of each of these ceiling chandeliers and ligh covers, along with 24 sconces throughout the home.

Whatever type of chandelier you have, we can clean and make it sparkle and shine.


I have cleaned literally hundreds of chandleies and sconces since 1999 when I started.