Pressure Washing Service
Oxnard, Ventura County Ca.
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I have been pressure washing and power washing in Oxnard and all across Ventura County for over 20 years, that is a lot of experience.

We have three 3500 psi Pressure Washers so no job is to big and 99% of all pressure washing is done in one day maximum.

I power wash homes, roosf, walkways, fences, patio's and pretty much anything else you want pressure washed.

We travel to Ventura, Santa Paula, and Camarillo and have done pressure washing in other city's in Ventura County also. 

It is very important  that a Pressure Washing Service arrives ON TIME, I guarantee we will be on time with a 26% discount if we are late, We also give a 10% discount for cash.

Our other Service:
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Chandelier Cleaning
Hard Water Removal.
Solar Panel Cleaning.
Construction Window Cleaning.
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We pressure wash homes, walkways, balcony's, fences, driveways, anything you want power washed, there are some projects that a cold pressure washer will not do, when those jobs pop up I recommend you to the person who can do it.  Sometimes you need a hot pressure washing and he has 301 degrees 5,000 PSI system.  When you have deep oil stains, and heavy tire tread marks he is the one I will send you to.  I will NEVER do a job that I know I cannot do complete.  I only want happy customers not customers going you said...  I take what I do seriously and get every square inch!  A service of Ventura Window Cleaning.